Record at the best level the amazing depth of a voice up to the powerful dynamics of a symphony orchestra. The acoustic’s secrets and an exclusive collection of equipment and instruments, including more than 120 microphones available for your special sessions and allow us to record Anything, Anytime...

Our studios are designed for all mixing standards and for all media types. They are equipped with Pro Tools HDX2 V.12 for your "in-the-box" mixing, also with the rarest vintage equipment, you even benefit from the possibility to integrate your mixing on analog tapes. Studio C is specially designed to mix in stereo and for the 5.1 mixing

You have the possibility to record in our cabins or to send us your sessions for remote exchange with e.mixing using our secure servers. Voice-over, sound design, editing, mixing...We respond, on a daily basis, to all requests regarding audio material and the upgrading of your programs broadcast on the web, the radio, TV or the movie theaters.

Our mastering services are provided by Metropolis UK. We take care of your projects from Paris, we send them to our partner "The 3rd Floor", who handle them directly at Metropolis Mastering in London in order to ensure the highest monitoring quality that we can on a day-to-day basis. Then, you can come to the studio and listen to your songs mastered by the most rewarded engineers on the planet.

Equipment and facilities

  • Recording