Open in 2015, cultural centre La Vague in Gerzat offers musicians two rehearsal studios dedicated to contemporary music. They are accessible 7 days a week for 3-hour time slots to all bands and musicians, irrespective of their level or style, for regular or one-time rehearsals.

La Vague hosts Radio Arverne (100.2 FM) and has a showcase space managed by the Cultural Service of the city. Partnering with Le Tremplin, imagO and the radio, La Vague hosts monthly concerts "Côté Vague" broadcast live during a special programme (starting from October 2018).

Studio A of 35 m²
A spacey studio that can host up to 11 persons. It is equipped with a full backline and an easy-to-use sound system for an independent rehearsal.

Studio B of 25 m²
The studio has the same equipment as Studio A and is open to all bands of up to 6 persons.

  • Equipment: Drums Mapex Voyager (full set), bass cabinet Hartke Vx Séries with head Hartke HA2500, 2 guitar cabinets Marshall MG412 ACF with head Marshall MG 100 HCFX and Laney LX 120 H, full sound system with mixing desk Yamaha MGP 16 X, speakers HK Audio PRO 15 A, microphones Shure SM58, accessories.

Equipment and facilities

  • Rehearsal
  • Rooms with natural light
  • Lounge



Opening hours

  • Monday 09:00-23:45
  • Tuesday 09:00-23:45
  • Wednesday 09:00-23:45
  • Thursday 09:00-23:45
  • Friday 09:00-23:45
  • Saturday 09:00-23:45
  • Sunday 09:00-23:45