Le CEM (Centre d'expressions musicales) is a school of modern music offering group courses for all. It provides various tools and possibilities for the entire modern music sector (courses for amateurs and professionals, rehearsals, support, information, resources, recordings and diffusion). Le CEM works as a network on the local, regional, national and international levels in order to fully participate in the structuring and development of modern music.

Founded in September 2013, Le Sonic, the project implemented by Le CEM, is a rehearsal centre located in the Fort de Tourneville in Le Havre, composed of six equipped rehearsal studios and an educational stage. These facilities offer musicians a space for ultra-performing rehearsals, creation, learning and diffusion.

Le Sonic is open 6 days out of 7. Different accompanying tools are at the bands' disposal, including the possibility to rehearse on stage, sound, light, video.

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Equipment and facilities

  • Rehearsal
  • Music classes
  • Stage
  • Rooms with natural light
  • Wi-fi



Opening hours

  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday 13:30-00:00
  • Wednesday 13:30-00:00
  • Thursday 13:30-00:00
  • Friday 13:30-00:00
  • Saturday 13:30-20:00
  • Sunday 14:30-19:00